September 23, 2015

How to handle a group project

University group projects can be a daunting, frustrating time, and everyone has plenty of horror stories about disagreements and missed deadlines. So, how do you work together to create a really productive project? Here are our tips.
September 17, 2015

How to make your voice heard on campus

Do you want to get involved in student politics? We share 5 ways into student democracy and how to get involved at university. Make your voice heard for the causes you feel strongly about on campus.
September 11, 2015

How university can help you become an entrepreneur

Do you dream of one day running your own business? Believe it or not, university can be a great place to build up the experience, skills and contacts you need.
September 7, 2015

Why campus jobs are a great idea

There are loads of great reasons to get a part-time job while you’re at university, but have you thought about working on campus? Here are some great reasons why you should:
September 1, 2015

Last-minute guide to university

Setting off for university soon? Worried you haven’t got everything sorted? We’ve put together this last-minute guide to help put your mind at rest.
August 24, 2015

How to pack efficiently for university

Heading to university soon? It can be tempting to pack everything and then run out of space. Here we’ve pulled a list of must-have items – and the ones you should leave at home.
August 20, 2015

Key events to look out for at university

Are you off to university this autumn? Then you’re in for a treat. Here are some of the many events and entertainments to look out for in the year to come.
July 31, 2015

Five things every student should do before they start university

If you’ve just left school and you’re going to university this year, then there’s a lot you can do this summer to make sure you have a great start to your student life. Read on for our handy guide.
May 14, 2015

Special moments every student remembers from university

Your time at university will fly by, but there are certain memories that everyone takes with them. In this blog, we look at the five biggest moments you’ll remember from your university career:
May 12, 2015

My Enterprise knowledge led to a meeting with Prince Charles

Regan Moore was lucky enough to meet Prince Charles and travel to Mumbai after entering a global business challenge. Throughout the competition he discovered that the knowledge he learnt from Enterprise would come in handy.
April 29, 2015

Things you’ll only understand if you’re an international student

Studying abroad makes your university experience different from that of a home student. We’ve listed eight things that only international students will understand.
April 23, 2015

The benefits of commuting to university

If you’re about to go to university, and you can’t decide whether you want to live on campus or travel from home, then take a look at these five great reasons why commuting might be the best choice for
March 30, 2015

Turnitin, 24-hour loan and 12 other things you’ll discover at uni

University is a time in your life when you’ll learn so much more than the stuff your lecturer teaches you. Here are the things you’re likely to discover during university.